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Counselor's Schedule
2016 Summer Tennis camp counselor work schedule August 22-26

​Monday August 22: 
Morning (8:15-1:00) :  Bella, Oscar, Emily N. Emile H, 
Afternoon (1:00-5:00) : Oscar, Emily N., Emilie H.

Tuesday August 23:   
Morning (8:15-1:00) : Alistair, Bella, Oscar, Josh, Emilie H.
Afternoon (1:00-5:00) : Alistair, Josh, Emily N.

Wednesday August 24: 
Morning (8:15-1:00) :  Emily N., Bella, Alistair, Josh, Oscar, Emilie H.
Afternoon (1:00-5:00) :   Alistair, Oscar, Emily N.

Thursday August 25: 
Morning (8:15-1:00) : Alistair, Josh, Bella, Emily N.
Afternoon (1:00-5:00) :  Alistair, Josh, Emily N.

Friday August 26: 
Morning (8:15-1:00) :  Josh, Emily N., Alistair, Bella
Afternoon ( 1:00-5:00) :  Laura, Josh, Alistair

Counselor Duties Everyday:
Check in: Emily N, Emilie, 8am 
Rally with kids before camp starts:  Alistair/Josh/Oscar/
Balls out on courts: Bella, Alistair
Fruit Punch: Bella/Josh/Oscar
Clean shelter after lunch:  Emilie H/ Emily N.
Snack/Lunch- Everyone