PRO SHOP:  919.828.3465
Court Sign-In: All members and guests must sign in at the pro shop before play.

Reserving Courts: Except for the priority events listed below, courts are available by signing up on our tennis reservation system. The day of, the courts are reserved on a first come, first serve basis. These priority events are clinics, lessons, USTA matches or USTA team practices, tournaments, Men's and Women's Quads and club events approved by the Director of Tennis. Every effort is made to list these on the website tennis calendar.  

Time Limits for Play: Court time is limited to two hours for singles and two hours for doubles. Play may continue beyond these time limits if no one is waiting. However, players may not re-sign for the same court or for any other court without first coming off of the courts to allow waiting player(s) to play. Courts shall be surrendered immediately upon expiration of time.

Proper Attire and Behavior: Players must wear proper tennis attire, including shirts. Only smooth soled tennis shoes may be worn on the courts. No profanity, un-sportsmanlike conduct, or excessive noise will be allowed on the courts. Leave the court in as good or better condition than it was in when you arrived for play. Please understand and use tennis etiquette at all times.

Tennis Activities only: Tennis courts are to be used for tennis activities only. NO bikes, roller-skates, roller blades, skateboards, scooters, toys, or pets of any kind are allowed on the courts. NO glass allowed on the courts.

Guests: Guests must be accompanied by a member when using the tennis courts. Members are entrusted with listing all guests on the court sheets located at the pro shop. There is a $15.00 guest fee.

Members's children enjoy dependent privileges as long as they are legal dependents. Member grandchildren enjoy dependent privileges until they reach their 18th birth date.

All players must exercise courtesy at all times. Players waiting for courts must not walk across the courts or behind the courts when play is in progress.

Court authority is vested in the Tennis Club Professional upon consultation with the Club Manager. We require member cooperation at all times.

Thank you for your cooperation with these policies. These policies have been established to ensure the safe enjoyment of all our members and guests using the courts at the University Club. Any problem with the courts should be reported to the Director of Tennis as soon as possible so the problem may be properly addressed.

Team Guest Fees

Each captain will be billed a $50 guest team fee for each guest on their team. The captain will collect the guest fees for each time their player plays a home match. The captain will then give the guest fees to the pro.

N.C. State University USTA Team Guest Policy:

​NC State University Club USTA Teams are formed for the purpose of encouraging members of the Club to stay active, socialize and improve their game through friendly competition at all skills levels. If a NC State University Club USTA team does not have enough member players required to form a team, the captain may go outside the Club to fill the remaining spots under the following conditions:

a.The captain is required to invite those members interested that may be playing ½ level below (ex. If the team is a 3.5 they would have to invite 3.0 players)

b.If the roster then still has spots open, then the captain can invite guests to play on the team. All applicable guest fees and policies will apply to all non-member participants of the team. 

c.All NC State University Club USTA teams must have at least 50% member and 50% guest ratio. The Director of tennis may grant exceptions as necessary.

d. A guest of a member may utilize the tennis facility no more than twice per month, this shall include guests playing on NCSUC USTA teams outside of league play at the club. Guests must be accompanied by a member when using the tennis courts and are required to pay a guest fee determined by the Board of Directors. Guests must register on the tennis court registry provided on the court information board. There is a $15.00 guest fee. The tennis professional is responsible for ensuring guests are registered and appropriate fees reported to the Club Office for inclusion on member statements.