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Spring 2019 USTA Leagues

The NC State University Club hosts several USTA teams throughout the year. The goal and purpose of this program is to create an avenue for our members who enjoy tennis to stay active, socialize and improve their game through friendly competition at all skill levels. Each USTA team must maintain a roster of at least 50% active members in order to be considered a NC State University Club USTA Team. 

The leagues, dates and captains are listed below. To get involved, you must register as a member of the USTA then contact the captain of the team you would like to play on. Space may be limited. Participation on a team is at the sole discretion of the team captain.

League Dates
Spring March 1 through May 18
SummerJune 1 through August 1
FallAugust 5 through Late October
WinterNovember 7 through February 1

Men’s USTA Teams:
Jim Irving 3.0 55+ Thursdays 6:30pm
Mark McClam 3.0 18+ Saturdays 1:30/3:30 pm
Jonathan Jenkins 3.5 18+ Sundays 7:00pm
Bill Mooney 3.5 40+ Mondays 6:30pm or 8:00pm/ Saturdays 1:30/3:30pm
Michael Steer 3.5 55+ Tuesdays 6:30pm  
Blake Paro 4.0 18 + Sundays 1:00pm
Will Edwards 4.0 40+ Wednesdays/Fridays 6:30pm/8:00pm
Greg Raschke 4.5 18+ Sundays 1:00pm or 5:00pm

Women’s USTA Teams:
Mari Asanuma 3.0 40+ Tuesdays 9:30am
Mari Asanuma 3.0 55+ Thursdays 9:30am/11:30am
Lisa Kempf 3.0 40+ Tuesday/Thursday 6:30pm/8:00pm
Lori Elliot 2.5 18+ Fridays 9:30am
Chris Bason 4.0 18+ Thursdays 9:30am
Tiffany Thompson 3.0 18+ Mondays 9:30am
Ann Bozek 3.0 40+ Tuesdays/Thursdays 6:30pm
Stephanie Suski 2.5 40+ Saturdays
Joyce Stevenson 2.5 18+ Mondays 6:30pm  
Adela Whitten 3.5 40+ Thursdays 9:30am
Adela Whitten 3.5 55+ Mondays 9:30/11:00am
Sharon Agresta 3.5 18+ Tuesdays 9:30am

2019 Spring Captains Page
2019 Spring Captains Page